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Equinox Expands: A New Update

2024-06-20 - By EVE Online Team
Unleash your creativity with SKINRTransition to the new sovereignty systemSmall fleets, huge impactCelebrate SolsticeMerch Store SKIN giveawayShape space in your image

Sovereign capsuleers, 

It’s been nine days since Equinox launched, and you have certainly been busy! SKINdustrialists have been traveling far and wide to find SKINR components in space to craft thousands of amazing designs, while the new Upwell industrial ships have been snagging kills left and right, as well as doing their fair share of exploding. Over in nullsec, orbital skyhooks are stocking up on superionic ice and magmatic gas, and Metenox moon drills are busy harvesting. 

As part of the phased rollout of Equinox, IRIS has announced that the Paragon Hub will now allow the sale of player-created SKINs, three Homefront Operations have been added, tailored toward smaller groups, and there is an important announcement regarding the transition to the new sovereignty system. 

Unleash your creativity with SKINR

Capsuleers, your wait is over! The Paragon Hub is now fully open, allowing you to trade your SKIN masterpieces, created through SKINR. Buy, sell, and showcase your unique ship SKINs, enhancing the personalization of your fleets, make massive profits from your artistic talents, and start building your design empire. Paragon is thrilled to support capsuleers in expressing their individuality and creativity. 

In an official statement, Paragon’s cybernetic liaison, IRIS, emphasized the importance of this new platform: “We are on a journey to help our capsuleer partners be more. By expanding the Paragon Hub, we are providing a unique opportunity for creativity and community engagement.”  

In celebration of the launch of SKIN trading in the Paragon Hub, several EVE developers have crafted exclusive SKINs using SKINR. These one-of-a-kind creations will be sold in the Paragon Hub, with all proceeds (and associated fees) being donated to Art Without Borders, an Icelandic charity focused on the visibility of artists with disabilities. This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of EVE history and contribute to a worthy cause. Keep an eye on the Paragon Hub as of today for these rare finds and make sure to check back frequently to see the latest offerings from talented capsuleers. 

Promote your designs on social media using the hashtag #SKINRShowdown and inspire others with your creativity. Paragon and IRIS are here to support you in making a name for yourself as a SKIN design powerhouse in New Eden. The SKINR journey will continue with exciting updates and upgrades in upcoming releases and expansions, with plans already in place to add the ability to share designs, more group-focused features, as well as new design elements and more. 

Transition to the new sovereignty system

The Equinox expansion introduces new Upwell structures and customization opportunities: the sovereignty hub, sovereignty upgrades, the orbital skyhook, and the Metenox moon drill. These structures harvest and make use of a whole new set of resources to New Eden. These resources redefine what makes a system or constellation valuable, adding unprecedented topology to sovereign nullsec space.

Originally, the transition to this new system of sovereignty was due to start today on 20 June, however the start of the sovereignty transition is now being delayed until 27 June. This decision has not been taken lightly, and there is great appreciation for the impact that these changes will have. By listening to your feedback, discussions, and communicating extensively with the CSM, there are a few small changes that will be made in order to bring this new system more in line with how it was intended to be. 

Next week you will get a full rundown of all the iterations being made, along with a breakdown of the new upgrades and what you can expect from each one. Giving you the right toolset to empower you to write your stories is the absolute priority. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Small fleets, huge impact

In response to player feedback, three new Homefront Operations sites have been introduced, specifically tailored for groups of three players and set in highsec space. This change addresses the difficulty many capsuleers faced in consistently meeting the five-player requirement, allowing smaller teams to engage in these operations. 

The new operations include Stabilize Rift, Salvage Research, and Traffic Stop. In Stabilize Rift, capsuleers will navigate a site filled with fully charged Destabilizing Arrays that must be drained using energy neutralizers. The objective is to reduce all batteries to below 20% charge simultaneously, all while managing enemy NPCs that attempt to recharge them. Salvage Research involves securing encrypted data from wreckage before the site’s reactor explodes. In Traffic Stop, capsuleers must use cargo scanners to identify NPCs smuggling Contraband Data and destroy them before they dock, while ensuring that no more than three civilians are harmed, otherwise the operation will be terminated 

Only Tech I frigates and standard Tech I destroyers are permitted to enter these sites and the first pilot to activate the acceleration gate claims ownership, forcing others outside their fleet to face a suspect timer when activating the gate.  

Celebrate Solstice

In addition to the reinvigoration of nullsec, and continuing with the new upgrades, planetside combat zones are more action-packed and dangerous than ever. The Solstice event for EVE Vanguard runs from 12:00 UTC on 20 June to 12:00 UTC on 1 July, bringing the biggest update yet, including a stunning yet hazardous new map to conquer, new activities, objectives, and cool gadgets, in addition to gun SKINs, and much more. There has never been a more exciting time to jump into the in-development sandbox FPS. 

Merch Store SKIN giveaway

Upwell has introduced the new Equinox suite, ushering in a new era for nullsec, and celebrations are in order. For a limited time only, every purchase from the EVE Merch Store will come with a free Epithal Upwell Planetary Extraction SKIN. This offer is valid until 12 JULY. Head to the Merch Store today, stock up on amazing EVE swag, and get a free SKIN to show off in New Eden. 

Shape space in your image

Jump into the action now! Visit the Paragon Hub to explore and trade SKINs and prepare your territories for the sovereignty transition. Seize the dream of a more colorful New Eden and seize control of a reinvigorated nullsec. 

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