Perkone Corporation Convoy attacked in fringes of empire space | EVE Online

Perkone Corporation Convoy attacked in fringes of empire space

2005-03-15 - By Svarthol

The Perkone corporation, whose sales have been dwindling of late, found themselves under a sustained attack from border region pilots earlier tonight.

The convoy, consisting of 4 Perkone industrial blockade breakers, travelled 15 jumps from secure space to the backwater regions of Caldari space, to a system called Paala. When they got there, their cargo, said to be mining equipment was unloaded and they set a course back to Akora.

It was then that their problems started. 6 battleships from the Infinitus Odium corporation opened fire on the entire convoy, decimating several of the escorting ships almost instantaneously.

All of the convoy ships managed to pass through the blockade, but it was a race to get the final 5 jumps to Akora in one piece. Kyogen Steiner, a Raven pilot, had the route well planned out and managed to arrive at all of the gates ahead of the convoy.

As fast as he was though all of the convoy ships made it through. The only last worry was an ambush of smaller Infinitus Odium on the jump into Akora.

Perkone Corporation released a statement thanking the brave pilots who escorted the convoy to safety, saying that they would not soon forget their courageous actions. They also said that they would look to hiring more security for future missions to that sector of space.