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Please support Customer Support

2006-03-05 - By Svarthol

Ever since the deployment of RMR, we at Customer Support have been waging a bloody war on the petition/mail queues and during this epic war the patience of many a good customer, has been tested to the limits. At some point we thought victory was surely within sight, but now, after the deployment of the Blood patch, we have unfortunately suffered a major setback once again. A series of technical issues have resulted in repeated stuck crises, unscheduled cluster reboots and many ship losses caused by server instability. In the last few days, several petitions and mails have been added to the queues, which were far too inflated to begin with.

Under these difficult circumstances, we ask you dear players, to support us in supporting you. To do so, please keep the following in mind:

1. Do NOT file multiple mails/petitions regarding the same subject (your case will be replied to in the end).

2. Please cancel all additional mails/petitions that either are duplicates or have already been resolved.

3. Use the Knowledgebase, in-game help channels and forums to see if you can resolve the problem yourself, before filing a help request to Customer Support.

4. Due to frequent unscheduled cluster reboots, you might experience connection problems. If so, do not contact Customer Support, as there is really nothing we can do, except ask for your further patience while the Dev’s get the server back up. If you already have sent us petitions/mails in regards to connection problems earlier and you are now able to log in, please cancel the old petition/mail.

5. Please do not contact Customer Support about reimbursement of lost skill training time or playing time. IF any compensation will be offered for such losses due to the recent problems, this will be done on a global scale for all players.

Finally we just ask for your continued patience. Rest assured that we will reply to all help requests in the end. During next week, members of the Dev Team will be joining forces with us to process petitions and mails and there are also plans to hire more GM's in the near future to meet the vastly increased player base. We may have faced a few tactical losses, but this war will end with nothing but the full and unconditional surrender of the queues.

Best regards, The Support Team