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PLEX for GOOD: Nepal Earthquake Relief - Update & Extension

2015-05-12 - By CCP Falcon

After hearing news of the devastating earthquake that rocked Nepal and the surrounding regions on April 25th, the EVE Community banded together in support, and once again called for CCP Games to host PLEX for GOOD.

On May 1st CCP launched a PLEX for GOOD drive in association with the Icelandic Red Cross in order to raise relief funds for those affected by the tremendously powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake that caused widespread destruction across the region.

Fundraising is proving to be very successful in Iceland, with many companies across the country donating to relief organizations in order to assist.

So far, the results of PLEX for GOOD have been outstanding, and the current total stands as follows:

  • PLEX – 4108
  • $ 61,620 US

This morning, we heard that there has been another sizable earthquake close to Mount Everest measuring 7.3, which has caused further damage and loss of life, along with further complications to rescue efforts.

We have been in direct contact with the Icelandic Red Cross again this morning, and have mutually agreed to extend the PLEX for GOOD drive through until 23:59:59 on Sunday May 24th 2015, adding a further nine days to the donation drive in order to raise additional funds.

The original announcement Dev Blog has had an addition made to it in order to reflect this change, and offer our most sincere thanks to the EVE Community for the amazing level of support show for PLEX for GOOD so far.