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PLEX and Omega For Less!

2023-02-24 - By EVE Online Team

Enterprising Capsuleers,

PLEX is the heart of New Eden’s vast empyrean economy, providing utility, style, or simply wealth to any pilot – and there’s no better time to grab it than today, with a 15% flash sale on select PLEX packages from 24-28 February!

You can use PLEX to purchase Omega time (unlocking doubled training speed & access to training advanced skills), obtain services like Multi-Character Training (MCT) or Skill Extractors in the NES, purchase SKINs and character apparel, and can also sell any quantity for generous sums of ISK on the market.

Head over to the EVE Store and enjoy all the benefits of PLEX at a discount while you can!!

Stop by at the New Eden Store until 28 Feb, and you’ll be able to pick up any amount of Omega time with 20% off its PLEX price.

That means you can grab anything from a single month of Omega to a full 24 months' worth, saving your hard earned PLEX as you upgrade your EVE experience.

If you’re a veteran of New Eden, the time-limited sale offers the perfect chance to top up on Omega and continue your journey to greatness. And if you’re a newer pilot, Omega lets you taste the full EVE experience for less. Get access to new skills, faster training, and access to over 350 ships.

Fulfil your true EVE potential with one of the following discounted NES packs:

  • 1-month: 20% off the full monthly cost of Omega (400 PLEX per month)
  • 3-24 months: An additional 20% off the bulk monthly cost of Omega (ranging between 320 and 220 PLEX per month depending on the package size you are buying)