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Police standoff on Intaki Prime ends peacefully

2009-08-20 - By Svarthol

Several hundred members of a small community on Intaki Prime gave up their standoff with police earlier today and released their weapons to authorities.

"That's it," said Geerim Frein as he was led away by police from the farmhouse where he was held up for two days. "We're signing over our lives and our communities to the highest bidder, without getting a dime in return, and without so much as a fight. Today I am not proud to be Gallente."

Another local supporter told reporters, "We were delusional. Some of us were shown examples of the type of force these corporations could use against us. We would have been dead before we knew we were supposed to start fighting. At least now we still have a shot at growing old, even if we are all losing our homes."

But much of what will happen is still speculation, and nobody knows for sure whether these individuals will be forced from their homes when the Caldari corporations move in. For now, their homes and farmland remain in their possession.