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Political breakdown in the north sparks a new conflict

2006-01-31 - By Svarthol

The bitter conflict between the allied forces of The Forsaken Empire, Phoenix Alliance and NBSI against The Five is hurriedly being re-evaluated today as The Forsaken Empire, widely acknowledged to have fielded the bulk of the forces on that side of the conflict, publicly announced that it has broken its ties with NBSI and the Phoenix Alliance to form a new coalition with The Five.

This announcement came only a few days after the announcement of a Non Aggression Pact between the two alliances. Although many pilots predicted it would expand from a simple ceasefire into a full blown alliance, this move has still undoubtedly caused the Phoenix Alliance and NBSI to review their defensive policy now that their relatively secure borders have become the new front line.

General opinion on the issue is divided, although a large majority of opinions expressed by pod pilots external to this conflict support the move. Many, though certainly not all, of the opinions emerging from within The Forsaken Empire blame their former allies for not providing enough support in the war, accusing them of using the alliance as a shield so they could continue their operations as normal.

NBSI representatives meanwhile stated the reasons had to do with a lack of leadership, communication and cooperation on both sides, while an unnamed source from within the Phoenix Alliance stated that the PA's primary focus at this point was to get to grips with the causes of FE's internal turmoil. In a public statement, the PA have expressed sadness at their former allies' "thoughtless decision."

Although NBSI and the Phoenix Alliance met this turn of events with a brave face and are now undoubtedly gearing up to defend their space, it is uncertain whether they will be able to withstand the onslaught of the combined forces they are now facing. Other political bodies - currently the most notable being G alliance - have hinted they may support PA and NBSI in the war; however no official announcements have yet been made.