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Providence crisis averted – ISS outpost construction to proceed

2006-04-30 - By Svarthol

PROVIDENCE. A military stand-off following a border dispute between the Curatores Veritatis Alliance and the Interstellar Starbase Syndicate earlier this month has been resolved peacefully after diplomatic talks. The incident saw the two alliances contesting the placement of ISS starbases in relation to CVA territory, apparently due to miscommunication that can be blamed on a directors' illness. The brief war threatened to disrupt the construction of ISS’s seventy billion ISK twin outpost project in the region.

Speaking in a press release on the GalNet Communications Network, Count TaSessine of the ISS reported that the issue had been resolved following an agreement with the Amarrian loyalist faction. No details were given in the statement, although the ISS chairman explained that “deployment of the outposts outlined in the ISS Providence project will proceed accommodating the agreement reached between ISS and CVA.”

In an interview with the Interstellar Correspondents, Count TaSessine explained that the crisis was “prompted by a misunderstanding between CVA and ISS regarding the extent of CVA's claimed space.” The ISS had deployed starbases in the 3KB-J0 solar system - an area of providence that they believed to be neutral territory - in preparation for deployment of one of their outposts. However, they intended to claim the constellation in which 3KB-J0 resides. Construction materials had already been shipped to the starbases making it difficult for the ISS to simply abandon the site in light of information that was new to them.

When asked if there was any party directly responsible for the misunderstanding, Count TaSessine was keen to avoid blaming anyone for the incident, citing that “pointing fingers is no use at this stage.” Commenting on the CVA’s war declaration at the height of the crisis, Count TaSessine remarked that “It was an overly violent reaction to a problem which we could, and would, negotiate a solution for.” He went on to add that he thought the reaction was largely due to Amarrian pride, explaining that “we Caldari are much more pragmatic.” Count TaSessine refused to give any details regarding the deal brokered between ISS and CVA, stating that a public announcement would be given at an “appropriate time” in the near future.

Interviewed on behalf of the CVA, Aralis of Imperial Dreams explained that at the time “it appeared to be no accident; [ISS] had been informed of our claim and after they planted the starbase, a mail to the Count produced unhelpful.” He added that he had not been aware of Count TaSessine’s illness at the time of the incident and had no way of knowing, “I had expected no difficulties at first as a previous incident had been resolved speedily.” When talking about the CVA’s decision to go to war with the ISS over the incident, Aralis said that after private diplomacy and public demands to remove the starbases had proven inadequate, the war was warranted. “There is no way the issue would have been resolved without war I would say.”

An announcement has yet to be made regarding the exact specifics of the deal between ISS and CVA. The first ISS Providence outpost was deployed in the IS-R7P solar system in the Catch region, on the border with Providence and the 3KB-J0 system.