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Proving Grounds – 1v1 Frigate combat!

2021-12-18 - By EVE Online Team

Winter hardy Capsuleers,

As the temperature drops for the holiday season, the action in the Abyssal Proving Grounds is heating up!

During the Winter Nexus festivities taking place across New Eden, a new Abyssal Proving Grounds event is set to bring a distinct combat setting where temperature plays a key role. Focused on fast-paced, agile 1v1 Navy Frigate action, this seasonal clash provides a chance to prove that you can adapt to conflict in unique circumstances, while you pursue both rewards and the sweet taste of victory.

Not only does this Proving Grounds contest take place in a special winter-influenced environment – the battles will also play out with overheat module damage reduction in place, while providing an increased supply of loot to competitors. This Proving Grounds round will be open to pilots through all of 18 December.

The permitted hulls for this event are the Imperial Navy Slicer, Crucifier Navy Issue, Caldari Navy Hookbill, Griffin Navy Issue, Federation Navy Comet, Maulus Navy Issue, Republic Fleet Firetail, and Vigil Fleet Issue. The following arena effects will be in place throughout the event:

  • 100% bonus to Afterburner speed
  • Sensor Dampener modules banned

Pilots that join this event will also be restricted to Meta 5 modules.

To join this round of ice-cold Abyssal Proving Grounds action, grab those Proving Filaments and head to the Proving Grounds throughout 18 December, running for 24 hours from 11:00 UTC. Once again, the Proving Grounds leaderboards will allow you to track Capsuleer performance throughout this very special 1v1 event.

Get ready for some high-energy combat action, and good luck!