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Proving Grounds – 4-Player Prophecy FFA!

2021-11-26 - By EVE Online Team

Thrill-seeking Capsuleers,

The Abyssal Proving Grounds are open again for battle, and this time the focus is on 4-player free-for-alls exclusively featuring the mighty Prophecy battlecruisers. This special event runs from 11:00 UTC 26 November to 11:00 UTC 30 November.

Based on the design of an ancient Amarrian warship once used in the founding days of starship combat, Prophecies initially served as artillery support battleships, but over time have evolved from modestly sized gunboats into powerful drone boats. Pitted against one another in the Abyssal Proving Ground, these distinct ships promise to deliver one-of-a-kind, thrilling combat.

The following arena effects will be in place throughout the event:

  • +100% bonus to the benefits of overheating, other than EWAR
  • +200% Turret and missile damage

Pilots that join this Proving Grounds event will be restricted to Meta 5 modules, and must respect a limit of two local repair modules (for shield or armor) per ship.

Additionally, sensor dampeners, weapon disruptors, shield power relays, shield flux coils, and core defence field purgers are banned across the battles for this Proving Grounds event.

Finally, this Abyssal Proving Grounds event happens to take place at the same time as unmissable Black Friday offers are made available across EVE. There are discounts on PLEX, free SKINs, daily rewards and New Eden Store specials. You can learn more about EVE’s Black Friday deals here.

Joining in with the Black Friday spirit, this Abyssal Proving Grounds offers a special challenge that rewards the most devastating combatants with ISK. Enter any of this round of Prophecy free-for-alls, and in each instance where you do at least 7,000 damage to your opponents, you will gain 30 million ISK. It’s a repeatable challenge, meaning every time you join a skirmish, it’s a chance to top up your ISK.

To join this round of combat, grab your Proving Filaments and head to the Abyssal Proving grounds from 26 November. And, as ever, the Proving Grounds leaderboards will allow you to track Capsuleer performance throughout the timeframe in which the free-for-all is live.