Quantum Cores - Phase 2 | EVE Online

Quantum Cores - Phase 2

2020-10-06 - By CCP Convict

Committed Capsuleers,

The second phase of the new Quantum Cores series of updates will be coming to EVE Online in mid-October! This big series of updates to structure gameplay in New Eden introduce Quantum Cores as necessary items in the deployment phase of structures. This follows on from Phase 1 of the Quantum Cores update that went live last month, and is important for any players interested in structures.

Phase 2 of the rollout will enforce the rule that requires Quantum Core installation to be carried out in order to complete the anchoring process for any newly deployed structures.

Furthermore, there will be a Quality of Life improvement for the EVE Online UI that will allow you to toggle the 3D view in space, or in your hangar. The ability to toggle off the 3D scene will allow quick access to a high-performance, low-GPU-usage mode when viewing the 3D scene is not necessary. When toggled with a keystroke, it will eliminate the need to go through settings menus, and will allow nearly instant reactivation of the 3D view when desired. Modules, brackets, and the overview will remain fully interactive in this mode.