A quick update from Team Security - Recap from Fanfest 2015 | EVE Online

A quick update from Team Security - Recap from Fanfest 2015

2015-04-13 - By CCP Peligro

Dear capsuleers,

Fanfest is over, and I think I finally lost my hangover.

On behalf of the entire security team at CCP, thank you very much for attending, and thanks to those who watched us live on Twitch. We had some fun reviewing those chat logs afterwards!

The purpose of this dev blog is to publish our presentation, which can be viewed on YouTube, here:

We are continuing the tradition of publishing our slides this year as well. Please find a .pdf version here:

Fanfest 2015 - Team Security slides - Better Safe Than Sorry

We’ll try to answer your questions in the dev blog discussion thread. You can also find us on Twitter:

//twitter.com/CCP_Peligro - Security Analyst
//twitter.com/CCP_Grimmi - Security Analyst
//twitter.com/CCP_Random - Security Engineer
//twitter.com/CCP_Bugartist - Director of Information Security
//twitter.com/CCP_Arkanon - Internal Affairs Manager

I also want to include a special shout-out to our guest speaker and friend, The Nosy Gamer. He blogs about interesting stuff, check him out at: //nosygamer.blogspot.com/

Quick policy recap

As always, our official policies can be found here: //community.eveonline.com/support/policies/

Macro use/botting:

1st offense - 30 day temporary ban, removal of proceeds, permanent outbound character transfer lock
2nd offense - permanent ban

For further information on our stance on macro use and how this is dealt with, please read the Dev Blog linked below:

ISK Buying:

1st offense - 7 day ban and removal of proceeds
2nd offense - Permanent ban

For further information on this, please check out our last dev blog:

Client modification:

Zero tolerance

ISK Selling:

Zero tolerance

Please note that penalties for breaches of our policies always results in action taken against all accounts found to belong to the perpetrator. In other words, action is not limited to the “offending” account(s). 

That’s all for now, thanks for reading and I look forwards to seeing you at Fanfest next year!

-CCP Peligro