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Raging on

2010-12-13 - By GM Grimmi

It's been almost one and a half years now since we pushed ahead with operation Unholy Rage in our campaign against RMT.  Much ground has been gained during this period, most notably in the field of spam control, in limiting the damage from account hacking and in the promotion of PLEX as an alternative for those looking for more ISK.  Hundreds of accounts are banned every week for macro use and other RMT related activities, and we constantly explore ways to help us adapt to the ever changing methods of the multi-headed monster we're up against.

While we have put much of our focus on the RMT related activities we do realize that botting is not exclusive to RMT in EVE and we do investigate reports and take action against players proven guilty of using macros for mining, ratting, mission running, market activities and whatnot. There are some fairly refined macros out there and it is not always that easy or straightforward to establish beyond doubt that someone is using a macro or not.  This is something we are working on all the time, and we do intend to uphold our rules and policies in regards to macro use in general, not only the RMT part of it.

We appreciate the reports you guys keep sending us about suspected bots and so on and would like to use this opportunity to thank you for that and encourage you to keep those reports coming. Also, use of the "Report ISK spammer" feature has been very helpful in the battle against RMT - also something we'd like to commend you guys for.

We have by no means stamped out the whole of RMT in EVE Online. This is an ongoing struggle and the results depend on what we do - but they are also dictated by the conduct of you, the players.

ISK is sold because people buy it. Players do business with the RMT element and that is why accounts are hacked, asteroid belts are sucked up by bots and it is why we find ourselves in our current situation.

We recognize the need of those who crave more ISK but do not have the time or in-game means to gain it. This is why we have created an alternative way for players to get the ISK they require by safe, perfectly legal and acceptable methods.

PLEX is available on our website in handy packages of various sizes and once redeemed it can be traded for ISK on a fluid player driven in-game market.

Since PLEX was made available on our website we have seen a steady increase in activity and regard this as a healthy progress in the fight against the abhorrent and lamentable RMT affliction.

Education and heightening of awareness constitutes a major requirement in our battle plan. Many of the ISK buyers we process claim ignorance of the rules and we must make sure that information is available and prominent. The risks involved in dealing with the RMT element need to be clear to new players and old - wallet in the negative after bought ISK is removed by GMs and a warning on the account - something we all wish to avoid.  Doing business with the RMT element also encourages all kinds of undesirable and often outright illegal activity such as account hacking, macro use and credit card fraud.

We prefer that the way of the PLEX be known to and embraced by the EVE community at large for it brings great advantages - to the buyers, to the free-to-players and to this company to aid maintenance and development of EVE Online for an enhanced gaming experience for everyone.

We are committed to this mission. Our tools are continuously under revision and development and we have people on the job who possess ample talent, constant resolution and the will to fight - and win!

If things seem a little bleak at times - have heart, have faith...

We are still in the fight.