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Rare Mimir Cruiser Awarded To Ships of Eve Tournament Victor

2010-02-13 - By Svarthol

Tarta, Genesis - A very rare Mimir Minmatar cruiser was awarded as first prize in the Ships of Eve "Domination" frigate tournament to Kalnov of Problematique Inc. 66 contestants competed in groups over a number of weeks, culminating in a battle in rookie ships on 23.01.112.

The 66 contestants were selected by a variety of methods - either by registering for the event, being chosen at random from among those in the "Ships of Eve Events" channel at a designated time, or by winning a special "Beta" prize draw for Ships of Eve 4 lottery ticket holders. Twelve pilots from all across New Eden travelled to Tarta to compete in the final round.

Initially, the tournament's schedule was delayed by management issues and uncontrollable environmental conditions in the combat area. Capsuleer entrants spent some time in-station before they could join the fight; one capsuleer quipped "There's [still] some passed-out slave girls in my cargo hold," before entering the arena.

The Mimir, a limited-edition vessel awarded to Alliance Tournament VII's victors, is rare and extremely valuable. Not surprisingly, many pilots made agreements and alliances with other contestants before heading into the fight.

"I was primaried, I'm sure!" Heinky commented when he was eliminated from the contest. He also observed that tournament's referee let people warp into the arena after the fight had begun, which he felt gave them an advantage.

After roughly 20 minutes of battle, 9 of the 12 final round participants had seen their shiny frigates converted into smoking clumps of metal scrap, but time constraints forced T'amber to call a halt to the match. The tournament was suspended and the remaining capsuleers were asked to report back on 06.02.112 for a second round.

On the last day of tournament, the surviving pilots were asked to compete using rookie frigates: the Impairor, Reaper, Ibis or Velator.

Cap Tyrian, who lost his ship first, describes the match: "Kalnov [fielded] a big tank, Asquirrel had a [microwarpdrive] ranged Ibis. My final setup was a Velator with two 125mm rails, a damp and a signal amplifier. I didn't reach the field first and Asquirrel had his drone out already; that single Hobgoblin II was the only thing that... killed me."

The tournament was ultimately won by Kalnov. "ASquirrel's drone killed [Cap Tyrian] by itself. Then ASquirrel was in target range, so my augmented hobgoblins tore him apart," he explained.

According to Kalnov, F90OEX has already offered to rebuy his Mimir prize for a staggering 12 billion ISK, but Kalnov prefered to keep the ship, stating "I'll probably move it to [Jita 4-4]... I want to fly it, but it has to stay safe from suicide ganking."

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