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Record Breaking Poker Tournament Requires 1.05 Billion Isk Buy-in

2008-04-29 - By Svarthol

Eve Online Hold'Em has partnered with Otherworld Enterprises to host a poker tournament at 21:00 on May 3rd with the potential for an incredible eleven and a half billion isk 1st prize.

The “EOH Eve Series of Poker - 1.05 B Tournament” is only open to a maximum of eighteen players. Seating is on a first-come basis and at current writing, five slots are open for the first of two nine seat tables.

The entry fee for the tournament is 1,050 million isk. With a minimum of nine players for the tournament to proceed, the lowest grand prize of the tournament is a comfortable seven billion isk. Should all eighteen slots be filled, two tables will be run and the winners of each table will play off for the eleven and a half billion isk grand prize.

Eskaton, the second player to sign up for the tournament, had this to say; "I joined this particular event because I got the time for that particular weekend, because I had the iskarinos to spare on the buy-in, but primarily because the bigger the buy-in the bigger the rush from playing. I have played against Bwill before a few times, won one of those times. Also I have played a few of the ppl who are still deciding to sign up, but havent actually done so yet."

When asked if he has ever participated in other high stakes games, Eskaton told us; "Never been in such a high stakes tourney before, max so far has been in the 100million isk range. I suspect this first tourney, and how it rolls, will determine if there will even BE any other high stakes games(and lets face it, a 1billion isk buy-in is nowhere near a lot of people's threshold of pain). If there are, and I got the time and isk for it, I will almost certainly be signing up for it"

Cuebick, another early entrant, is also new to high stakes gaming; "This is my first time gambling for such high stakes...I'm Caldarian, it's a well known fact that we desire wealth over everything else. I started out gambling in shady stations in deep lawless space, betting low amounts of isk. I recently heard that the owner of one of the biggest and most notorious poker syndicates, Selene D'Celeste is hosting a massive 1 billion isk buy-in tournament, with first place paying out a whopping 7 billions isk. My corporation, one of the oldest in Eve, The Collective, desperately needs isk to continue to make supercapitals, and with that in mind I quickly signed up. Selene told me that already people are betting on who will win. According to the bookies I'm the underdog."

With only a week left to go, odds are looking good for a single nine pilot table. Pod pilots interested in the Tournament should click on the link below for instructions and detailed rules.

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