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Regarding the Forum Issues of April 8-9

2011-04-09 - By CCP Fallout

At approximately 21:00 UTC on Friday, April 8 we were made aware of some security issues with the new EVE forums which needed to be addressed. These issues were as follows:

  • We discovered that it was possible to access some forums which certain users should not have been able to access
  • Users could make and edit posts as another user's character
  • It was possible to inject some HTML code into signatures

As a result, we disabled the new forums temporarily while we investigated and addressed the situation. We can assure players that none of their personal details, login credentials or billing information were compromised as that information is maintained on a separate encrypted server.

We have since identified and fixed these security issues, and have patched and tested the software. We believe that we have resolved the security issue successfully. We will continue to investigate the cause of these problems, and hope to have more information available to you soon.

At 03:30 UTC on April 9, we took the forums down again for a second time to apply a hotfix that would restore several moderator features. Unfortunately, this hotfix did not resolve the issues with moderator functionality, and as a result, we are keeping the forums down until the full team is available Saturday morning to resolve the issue.

We know how important it is for you to communicate with other EVE Online players, and sincerely apologize for the upheavals of April 8 and 9. We hope to return the forums to you shortly, so that you may once again engage in your epic forum battles and troll posting. We extend an invitation to those of you who would like to talk to others of like minds by joining the #tweetfleet and following @eveonline on Twitter.

In the meantime...

Fly safely!