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Reinforcements in the Bleaks

2008-05-21 - By Svarthol

The Bleak Lands - With world events crashing forward the war in The Bleak Lands continues unabated. Events there are being thrust once more into the limelight as reports filtered in of Minmatar militias pouring into the combat zone reinforcing the strength of the Defiants and bringing a string of victories to the rogue Minmatar force.

The Saracens were quick to downplay such victories but brought forward questions about the origin of these militias.

"While we have been fighting a hard struggle against determined and elusive heathens my Fleet stands steadfast and it will not be long before we have these vagabonds in our grasp." Admiral Saracen stated "However in our recent battles our fleet has uncovered evidence that these so called ‘militias’ are based in the Minmatar Republic. The question has to be asked of the Republic: why are they supporting these elements, and if they are not why do they continue to sit on their hands doing nothing about it? It only lends weight to my suspicion that the so called Republic is supporting the Defiants’ efforts – either that or they are entirely incompetent."

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister was quick to issue a response stating that it was unaware of any such activities and would commence an investigation immediately, going to some lengths to emphasize once again that the government deplored the actions of the Defiants in the Bleak Lands. This position is not publically shared by the entire parliament, with some tribes continuing to contest the official line.