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Renyn Relief Announces Emergency Aid Response

2009-03-10 - By Svarthol

RENYN - Renyn Relief, an influential Gallente charity, has announced an emergency aid response for the disaster-stricken planet of Seyllin I. The charity has dispatched all its available vessels and supplies to the system, and is currently conducting an emergency fund raising effort.

Kolin Lagarde, a spokesperson for Renyn Relief, said: "These horrible events fill our hearts with grief. Renyn Relief, committed to the assistance of those in need, has allocated every available vessel and every last drop of medicine to the Seyllin system. Every member of Renyn Relief is putting their maximal, highly trained effort into this response. We call upon other responsible citizens of the Federation to respond and contribute."

The first Renyn Relief freighter is expected to reach Seyllin in the next hour.