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Republic Fleet Fires On Krusual Militia Vessels

2008-06-03 - By Svarthol

Trytedald, Heimatar - In the early hours this morning, elements of the Republic Fleet's Heimatar flotilla engaged a group of heavily armed Krusual militia vessels preparing to unlawfully enter Ammatar space. The brief-but-sharp conflict was won decisively by Republic Fleet forces, who sustained only minor damage. A Fleet spokesman put the toll for the militia vessels at four frigates, seven cruisers, and one battlecruiser destroyed.

At a press conference shortly after the skirmish, Admiral Ferius Ljarl, Chief of Naval Operations for the Heimatar Naval District addressed the media. "For nearly two weeks, elements of the Republic Fleet have monitored the activities of this particular battle group, known to belong to the Krusual militia. During that time, we have covertly observed them participating in illegal cross-border raids into Ammatar sovereign space. At 03:00 hours this morning, the group was spotted forming up for another sortie. At that time, I authorized the immediate use of force and instructed Commodore Kallen's task force to engage and destroy any militia vessels that attempted to transit to Ammatar space. All vessels were given the opportunity to stand down. All refused. All were destroyed."

Admiral Ljarl took the unusual step of adding a personal observation to the official Fleet press release. In response to a reporter's question as to the Fleet's motives behind taking such a hard line with this particular militia group, Ljarl stated, "I can't speculate as to relations between the administration and the various tribal leaders, but I can state unequivocally that cross-border raids are an act of war. Regardless of the tensions between our two nations, until the Republic Parliament instructs me differently I will assume that no state of war exists between the Republic and the Mandate. We cannot and should not allow paramilitaries to freely transit our space, giving them safe haven while they foment discord in foreign territories. Doing so is likely to provoke a war that we can ill-afford to fight."

Reaction to these events has been highly polarized. Zerven Ulgren, a spokesman for the Vherokior tribe observed, "It's about time the government took a firm stand. This kind of lawless behavior on the part of certain tribes serves only to reinforce the larger interstellar community's view of us as untrustworthy savages."

This praise was mixed with condemnation, however. Though he made no official statement on this morning's events, prominent Brutor leader Rolf Haareskal was heard to describe Admiral Ljarl's actions as "traitorous." Whether this was meant on a professional or personal level is unclear however, as Haareskal was one of several Brutor politicians instrumental in shepherding Ljarl's admiralty appointment through the approval process.

As yet the Krusual tribe has neither confirmed nor denied its involvement in these events. Still, recent feuding between the Midular government and the Krusual tribe implies that the situation has political overtones. Indeed, some observers view this incident as a reprisal for the Krusual tribe's suspected involvement in the abduction of bombing suspect Kammas Grayli, during which a Republic Customs Service holding facility was forcibly entered.

By contrast, several commentators have expressed the opinion that this engagement was part of an ongoing struggle by the main-line elements of the Republic Fleet to demonstrate that they are in control after the recent standoff between CONCORD and what might be termed "rogue" Minmatar naval vessels in Yulai. Still, this morning's events in Trytedald have caused dismay amongst a number of more moderate tribal leaders. Lallian Untergrouw, a Sebiestor parliamentarian said, "Is this what we've been reduced to? Are we so unable to solve our problems that our government must resort to the use of force even on its own people? I pray that this is not the case, for if so there is little hope for our future beyond a cycle of constant war."

It is unclear at this time whether or how the Krusual tribe will respond to these events.