Resolution For Client Issues After Unscheduled Downtime | EVE Online

Resolution For Client Issues After Unscheduled Downtime

2016-02-27 - By CCP Falcon

After last night's unscheduled downtime due to database issues, we have been made aware of a number of players who are experiencing abnormal client behavior.

After extensive investigation, we have confirmed that these issues, which include the market and sections of the UI not loading, as well as other parts of the UI failing to display, are manifesting themselves for those players who were logged when the database issues occured last night.

In order to resolve these issues, players who are affected need to clear their cache, following the instructions in this Help Center article. If you are unable to log into the game due to this issue, please follow the "manual" instructions in the article.

Clearing the game cache appears to be resoving these issues for all players affected. If you still experience issues after clearing your cache, we recommend contacting customer support for further assistance by submitting a support ticket via the Help Center.