Restructuring Taxes After Relief | EVE Online

Restructuring Taxes After Relief

2021-10-19 - By EVE Online Team

Entrepreneurial Capsuleers,

Back in July, we introduced a temporary Brokers Fee and Sales Tax reduction across New Eden with the Grand Heist release, which was stated to last for three months. This period has now reached its end - but instead of merely returning to the market’s previous taxes, a modified tax structure will be coming your way soon.

In the Grand Heist release, the base Sales Tax and Brokers Fee in NPC stations were each cut in half, going from 5.0% to 2.5%. In place of the previous numbers, taxes will be changing to the following structure:

Base Unmodified Taxes:

  • Sales Tax: 2.5% -> 8.0% (Previously 5.0%)
  • Brokers Fee: 2.5% -> 3.0% (Previously 5.0%)
  • Total Taxes: 5.0% -> 11.0% (Previously 10.0%)

Minimum Taxes (Modified by Skills, Standings, etc):

  • Sales Tax: 1.125% -> 3.6% (Previously 2.25%)
  • Brokers Fee: 0.5% -> 1.0% (Previously 3.0%)
  • Total Taxes: 1.625% -> 4.6% (Previously 5.25%)

This change shifts a higher percentage of the tax division toward the sales tax instead of on the order placement, permanently reducing the cost-pressure associated with listing orders by moving the cost into the sales tax taken out upon purchase by another player.

In effect, trading at base tax values under the new structure will increase total taxes by 1% compared to pre-relief values – but if you operate with taxes reduced to their minimum, your total taxes will be decreased by 0.625% compared to pre-relief, on top of requiring less ISK to list your orders in the first place!

See you in space (or in station, for all you market moguls), and fly safe!