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Return of Jamyl Sarum met with mixed reactions

2008-06-11 - By Svarthol

Sarum Prime - The sighting of Jamyl Sarum, thought to have permanently died after committing the Shathol’Syn ritual five years ago, has been met with mixed reactions across the Amarrian Empire. According to both the Scriptures and centuries of historical precedent, her reappearance constitutes a betrayal of the sacred ritual and is therefore a religious crime.

This fact is something many are only too aware of. Already there are cries for her to be detained and tried. Many have shot back at such requests, labeling them ridiculous considering the dire situation the Empire is currently in. Others have pointed to the very timing of her reappearance, stating that is beyond a coincidence as they urge their fellow Amarrians to exercise patience and restraint in these trying times. The circumstances surrounding her return remain unclear and no official comment from House Sarum dignitaries has been forthcoming.

"This can't be true," said Dasorta Reath, a Ni-Kunni trader. "Jamyl Sarum is dead! She's an Heir! That means she doesn't have clones. It must be some sort of imposter. Or some sort of trick! Maybe the Sarum Family picked a new heir and reports are getting confused? I don't even know what's going on!"

Iraj Darabi, a Holder from the Kor-Azor region who had been missing for several weeks following an unfavorable remark about Chamberlain Karsoth, reappeared at his holdings following the ejection of Elder forces from Domain. "All hail Jamyl Sarum!" he was shouting. "God's praise be on her for saving the Empire!"