Rogue Drone expedition goes awry | EVE Online

Rogue Drone expedition goes awry

2005-09-22 - By Svarthol

After announcing their intentions the previous fortnight, prominent scientists Dr. Palask and Dr. Stubbs embarked on the first of many expeditions into a Rogue Drone hive last Sunday.

Accompanied by several capsule pilots, the researchers from the Independent Studies Corporation entered the complex and began making scans of the Rogue Drone technology.

After their would be bodyguards fended off several counter attacks from the Rogue Drone infestation, the researchers began moving towards the core of the deadspace anomaly to take further scans.

The expedition ran into trouble after exiting the second tier of the hive when the ageing accelerator gate they were using malfunctioned, catapulting only a few of the survey team into the next tier. Leaving the two scientists and their remaining capsuleer escort behind to watch the local communications channels in horror as their wayward companions were quickly swarmed and destroyed by the fresh wave of Rogue Drones.

In the ensuing chaos and apparent miscommunication that followed, the remaining escort became enraged and turned on the unarmed scientists, destroying their ships and pod killing Dr. Palask before he could escape with his colleague.

Dr. Palask, who had luckily invested in a clone some weeks earlier is said to be recovering from his ordeal at a medical facility on a local station. Speaking in a statement today, Dr. Stubbs announced that he and his associate would not be swayed by this unfortunate incident and that their research would continue.