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Sani Sabik Cults React Strangely to Newly Discovered Crimson Nebula

2009-03-10 - By Svarthol

Amarr – The unfamiliar crimson nebula in the images from the wormhole system has provoked a strange reaction among the normally stealthy Sani Sabik cults of the Amarr Empire. On planets and stations across the Empire, Sani Sabik cultists are going out on the streets, wearing ceremonial robes in concourses, and chanting prayers. The Amarr Ministry of Order is suppressing any cultists revealing themselves in this manner.

Outlawed as heretics, the Sani Sabik are usually extremely cautious, but some among the blood-oriented cults see significance in the crimson nebula. Some cultists view this phenomena as a sign of the endtimes.

"These are people used to carrying out their rites in utmost secrecy, like any heretic in the Amarr Empire," said Doctor Arvasal Szillo of the University of Caille's Department of Comparative Religious Studies. "From what I can tell, they are considering the crimson nebula as confirmation of a Sani Sabik prophecy detailing a 'cloud of blood blanketing the universe' at the end of all things."

The Amarr Empire refused to comment on the activities of those Sani Sabik who have revealed themselves. A spokesman for the Ministry of Order stated, "Troublesome elements have been removed from our streets in line with Amarr law."