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Sarum forces, Amarr Navy increase presence in Sarum Prime - security status change imminent

2003-12-11 - By Svarthol

Following the suicide of Jamyl Sarum at the Imperial inauguration ceremony two weeks ago without naming an heir to her seat, House Sarum has floundered in an apparent power vacuum, with few official commands issued and day-to-day administration seen to by senior councillors. However, reports have recently come in that House Sarum have been diverting much of their considerable combat-ready forces and bringing them closer to Sarum Prime, consolidating their position in their home system.

Independent sources have confirmed that a sizable portion of the formidable Sarum House Fleet have just recently landed at Sarum Prime, joining the numerous Sarum vessels already stationed there. Exact numbers are difficult to come by at this hour, but the sources confirmed that at the very least, four entire squadrons have been dispatched to Sarum Prime over the last forty-eight hours.

Perhaps in response to this swelling in the Sarum Fleet's presence, the Amarr Navy has assigned more ships to routine patrol in Sarum Prime space, sending Concord bureaucrats scrambling to change the system’s official security status to accurately represent the strength of Navy forces currently stationed there.

The status change, which is expected to go through sometime during the next few days, will bump Sarum Prime into a new official security category, which means that the system's inhabitants will have to adjust to new regulations and stricter security measures than before. What effect this will have on the daily running of Sarum Prime remains to be seen.

No authorities from House Sarum nor the Amarr Navy could be reached for comment on the matter.