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Save 50% on Multiple Character Training

2022-11-11 - By EVE Online Team

Ambitious capsuleers,

Multiple Character Training (MCT) is now available at 50% off its full price over in the EVE store. The discounted price runs from 11-15 November, celebrating Singles Day.

MCT gives you the ability to simultaneously train and develop skills across multiple characters on a single account. As such, MCT presents an opportunity to bypass training one character at a time, letting you increase your potential and influence across the start cluster. Whatever your goals in New Eden are, this limited-time offer will get you to them faster!

MCT has also made its debut in the New Eden Store (NES)! You can finally trade PLEX for MCT, so if you have PLEX to spend, MCT offers a powerful return on investment for NES customers. Just like the one in the EVE Store, MCT cannot be traded, and may only be used by active Omega accounts.

Head to the EVE Store by 15 November to take advantage of the unmissable MCT saving.