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Scams and how to avoid them

2003-06-18 - By Svarthol

The freedom that EVE provides also provides you with the freedom to abuse the system. This has been speedily noticed by some players who have made a tidy profit out of scamming innocent travelers.

One such scam goes like this: On your travels, you notice, say, frosen plant seeds in demand at a station for an unusually large amount of money. You jump into the next system and lo and behold: There you can buy the plant seeds for a rather large amount as well, but still low enough that you will make a handsome profit for your trouble. Wrong. The seller is the same player that posted the demand. As soon as you buy he will cancel the order, leaving you with a cargo full of plant seeds that you will never get a profit on. This is an underhanded technique, but not one we can interfere with. The only answer is to think carefully before you make the transaction. If it looks too good to be true, it just might be.

Another popular scam is creating courier missions that can not be carried out. In some cases that missions are to Polaris, where the GMs and Polaris corps hang their hats, or even in Jove Space, where hats are optional. Unfortunately, players can not access these areas and therefore they lose the collateral they have deposited. THIS IS AN EXPLOIT AND WE WILL HUNT DOWN THE PLAYERS RESPONSIBLE. Victims will be reimbursed from the mission creators' pocket and if the perpetrator deletes his character, we will debit his new one. We urge all players to consult the map before they accept courier missions to see whether the stations in question are accessible to them or not.