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Scylla Has Been Released Successfully

2015-03-24 - By CCP Falcon

We are happy to announce that the Scylla release has been successfully deployed!

Scylla brings new opporunities that will be added to the opportunities system, as well as a Tech III subsystem rebalance, the download on demand client, and many fixes, changes and quality of life improvements to make the world of New Eden a better place for all.

For further infortmation you can see our new updates website, and for a detailed breakdown of what's in this release, check out the full patch notes here!

There is also  important information here with regards to the new Download on Demand client. Be sure to read it before patching!

For general discussion and feedback regarding Scylla, please see this thread. For issues with the release on PC, see here. Please report any issues you experience with Download on Demand here, and for Mac users, there is, as always, a thread on the Macintosh forums for disucssion of this release.

Important Information for Macintosh users:

Today we released an update to the client that adds download on demand functionality. Unfortunately, this functionality is not backwards compatible with the old Clonemaker. Fear not though, as we have resolved this issue and you can download the compatible version here.

To summarise, each clone would create its own unique repository of cached files which greatly increases the space requirements if using cloned clients.

To fix this, you will need to delete any existing clones that you use, and recreate them using the new version of Clonemaker linked above.

Please give us feedback or raise any queries you have in this forum thread.