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Seas quieting for Amarr

2003-12-10 - By Svarthol

In the two weeks since the events surrounding Amarr Emperor Doriam Kor-Azor's inauguration, the average Amarrian's life has been full of whispered half-truths and uneasy speculation. Rumors have run rampant from corner to corner of the vast empire, the normally subdued arenas of Amarr political debate have been close to erupting in violence on several occasions, and the Amarrian stock market has had to face record instability.

"It's really a matter of the Empire's self-image, more than anything else," remarks Gundar Mirosabin, political analyst and respected author of bestseller Power's Personality. "That 'strong, benevolent overseer' image they had of themselves under Heideran's rule does seem, quite naturally, to be receding, and the empire is struggling to find its new face under a new leader."

In the past few days, however, many signs have pointed to increased stability, leading some to suggest that the Empire is beginning to adjust to its new ruler and the changes his regime will bring. The stock market is restabilizing, political debates have lost much of their earlier venom, and according to Amarr Certified News several decrees instated by the new Emperor have met with resounding approval among all five ruling houses. At a rare press conference held last Monday Hrollulf Sodalrat, Chief Coordinator of Public Relations for the Court Chamberlain’s Office, stated that "The Empire currently sits at the dawn of great prosperity for all of its loyal subjects, and His Holiness the Emperor will see us to our glorious zenith."