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Sebiestor Majority in Question: Krusual Tribal Leaders Agitating for Change of PM

2003-10-03 - By Svarthol

Krusual representatives have been lobbying their counterparts in the Vherokior and Brutor tribal houses in an effort to gain a voting majority in the Republic Parliament. Long-time rivals of current majority Sebiestor tribe, the Krusual are finding support from other tribal houses bolstered by wide-spread dissatisfaction with the leadership of current Republic Prime Minister Karin Midular. Should such a shift in the Republic majority happen, a new Prime Minister is almost a certainty.

The implicit goal of the Krusual council is just such an ouster, though it is unclear if Krusual tribe objectives are simply the replacement of PM Midular or a more wide-reaching policy of Krusual control of Parliament. It is clear that Krusual tribal leadership sees PM Midular’s tolerant and bargaining stance with the Amarr Empire and criminal factions operating inside Republic space as counterproductive to Republic aims.

Veshta Preda, a Krusual spokesperson, said “When she isn’t being passive, she’s being conciliatory. A policy of pacifism and accommodation has never served the Minmatar people, especially not with millions still enslaved. The Republic requires a leader not afraid of direct and appropriate action.” It would seem many in the Brutor and Vherokior councils agree with her.

Hbild Otu, a member of the Brutor Council and the child of slaves, said, “It’s true that the diplomatic approach has not worked, and the Parliament has for too long been Sebiestor controlled. We are all Minmatar, with common goals, but such a governing body as the Republic Parliament ought to be more truly representative of intertribal Minmatar concerns.” When asked about perceived leniency towards criminal factions operating in Minmatar space, Otu said, “We are more concerned with the passivity towards the Amarr. The position of the Brutor tribe regarding the Amarr is well known to all members of Parliament.” The Brutor have long called for aggressive actions and sanctions against the Amarr state.

The Vherokior council, while not available for direct comment, released a statement echoing the general sentiment. It read, in part, “Greater representation of the minority tribal councils would be welcomed.” Little else is known of the official internal Vherokior position, but most believe they can be expected to support any initiative for greater diversity in the Republic Parliament.

There is no doubt where the Krusual stand. Speaking to reporters, Krusual spokesperson Preda said, “While the personal attacks some elements are leveling against Prime Minister Midular are unwarranted and unsupported by this council, that sort of talk is indicative of a more general disdain among the whole Minmatar people, regardless of tribal affiliation. We need active leadership; passive policies toward the Amarr have not manufactured change, and by turning a blind eye to criminal activity within the Republic, we lose the support and respect of allies in the other empires.”

If the Krusual are successful in their attempts to garner intertribal support for an initiative of this nature, calls to replace PM Midular can be expected to crescendo when the next regular session of Republic Parliament takes place. With the succeeding Amarr Emperor still to be determined, Minmatar Republic Parliament is in recess, ostensibly to allow parliamentary representatives time to clear their schedules for an expected emergency session on the naming of the next head of the Amarr state.