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Second Freespace Summit Successfully Concluded

2009-08-26 - By Svarthol

New Eden, Genesis - On 16th August 111, The Star Fraction alliance succesfully held the second Freespace Summit. During the event, representatives from Ushra'Khan, Electus Matari and The Star Fraction shared their views on how the Freespace ideals can be brought to all capsuleers.

Heartstone, who acted as chairman, opened the discussion pointing out that the recent discovery of wormholes has represented an improvement in capsuleer's freedom of movement.

However, Heartstone also reminded the audience that devices created through reverse engineering of the sleepers' technology have also "increased the amount of power that can be wielded by any individual capsuleer."

During the summit, Evanda Char of Electus Matari, explained that 'Not Red Don't Shoot' rules of engagement and open-to-everybody intel channels may represent a first step towards freedom of movement for capsuleers: "Molden Intel is an open intel channel. Anyone can join it, even political enemies, because its purpose is to prevent people falling victim," she explained, adding that her alliance's goal in Molden Heath is to create an area where resources are accessible to anyone who will "use them without denying others the same privileges."

However, Ugleb of Ushra'Khan pointed out that Freespace should be truly free of any charge, adding that 'Not Red Don't Shoot' rules of engagements does not equate to free space: "Is Amarrian Providence freespace? The local laws are those of the CVA. They invite you to come and go as you please, but it is they who set the law and impose it," he said.

Misan Pal'taek of The Star Fraction, brought to the audience's attention that Thukker's caravans already provide "an excellent example (and a potential model) for space based societes which respect Freespace values." She proposed to create small communities that would "either build or purchase the necessary ships and equipment... to remain relatively self sufficient when away from the support of planet and station economies."

Jade Constantine of The Star Fraction, added that the struggle for space and freedom is common to all capsuleers: "we are all united by the need to throw off the shackles of territorial nationalism. There is no difference between us. Nothing Separate our dreams."

And finally, Jonny Damordred of Freecaptain's Union, said that his corporation only seeks peace and self-determination: "Instead of embracing and nudging the [often not] perfect entities in the cluster... we've decided that any group that doesn't pass an ideological litmus test isn't worth dealing with."

During the hours long convention, a second edition of the Freespace Race was also held. Starting and ending at the Eve Gate, the race required the participants to run a circuit of some one-hundred-forty jumps and run through four checkpoint systems.

ChipMo, who was the only capsuleer able to survive the race, explained that the interdiction nullifier of his T3 vessel spared his life: "[it] is the most revolutionary piece of technology to be discovered since cloaking."

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