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Seleene discusses the Mercenary Coalition

2005-11-23 - By Svarthol

Almost a year ago a new alliance was started, one that stood out from the multitude that existed already. A few days ago I had the pleasure of talking to one of it's leading members; Seleene.

The Mercenary Coalition started with two corporations namely Sharks with Frickin' Laser Beams' and 'Body Count Inc'. Later more corporations were added such as the 'North Star Networks' and 'the Corporation' and even today the Coalition is still expanding. Seleene told me that Battle Angels Inc have been asked to join recently but that offer is still under discussion with the Angels.

It is safe to assume that when you see MC flying in a group that they are paid to be there. The only exception to that rule has been their involvement with the Mordu's Legion. Another exception was made for Smash Alliance who earned the attention of the MC because of sloppy communication. Now it may sound as if that is nothing to worry about, but the MC are one of the leading alliances known as hired guns, an alliance you want to be on good terms with obviously. I asked Seleene what makes the MC different from the other mercenary corporations and alliances. Seleene: “When a client hires the MC, they do not get just our pilots and our ships. We try our best to integrate ourselves into our client's goals and plans so that we might suggest how to use our capabilities most effectively. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and overcome almost any situation.”

As of late the MC seems to be more involved in a large number of operation judging on the number of appearance on news and on Galnet. If you think that mercenaries would prefer to lay low and work in the shadows you are clearly mistaken, as Seleene explains that even though they wish to stay neutral in alliance politics they can’t afford to sit back and wait until they are contacted. It is clear however that when the MC decide to involve themselves in affairs, when they are not hired for directly, they do so to make a change or to send the message that they deserve to be treated with respect. When the Legion ignored the MC they crossed a line with the MC and are now considered to be competition instead of friends. Seleene: “Against respectable and honorable mercenary outfits like KIA Corp, we keep the lines of communication open and do our best not to step on each other's feet, so to speak. Against those who fail to stay in contact and on friendly terms, we don't rule out anything. This goes for other organizations in EVE as well who have chosen to keep a hostile standing against the MC.”

Another example of what the MC is capable of is made clear by the story regarding the destroyed outpost owned by the Lacuna Viators. Seleene: “Lacuna Viators hired the MC to essentially clean out and police the Geminate region of space. We did this methodically and successfully with the exception of 4S Corp who remained stubbornly entrenched in the stations in FDZ. We chose to contain them as best we could and that goal was met with regard to their ability to affect our operations in the region. However, our client did a less than stellar job of communicating their desires to us, despite repeated attempts from the MC for clarification. This led to us being essentially "let go" two weeks prior to when we expected. Strangely enough, this did not stop our client from going forward with plans to deploy an outpost. We were not surprised when it was destroyed without our protection”. Seleene is confident that the outpost wouldn't have been destroyed if the MC were allowed to finish their contract.

If you are reading this with interest and perhaps even fear there is one assuring message that became clear by talking to Seleene, the MC are driven by cold hard cash. It seems unlikely they will declare war on a corporations or alliance if they are not paid to do so and you treated them with respect. After all being a mercenary is just another job and nothing personal.