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Senator Proposes Ban on Public Execution

2009-03-06 - By Svarthol

Villore - Intaki Senator Suvio Bellaron proposed a bill banning public execution in yesterday's tumultuous Senate session. The debate was heated, with numerous outbursts from both sides of the issue.

Senator Bellaron was strident in his condemnation of President Foiritan's handling of the Eturrer execution. "This was a shameful and barbaric spectacle. We must demand better of our elected officials, so that we may set an example of enlightenment rather than savagery."

These statements drew sharp criticism from several Senators, including Faron Shu, who represents a largely Jin Mei constituency. "Eturrer's atrocities demanded execution. To suggest otherwise borders on treason. For justice must be seen in order to be effective, and the people need to know that their government is willing to punish those who commit such acts of villainy." 

Bellaron disagreed. "There is no question that Eturrer's death sentence should be upheld.  The legitimacy of the sentence is not in dispute; rather, the manner of the execution was deplorable... President Foiritan broke the covenant with the Gallente people, making millions of his citizens complicit in the murder of a human being." 

The proposed bill, while not banning capital punishment outright, sought to limit the methods that can be used in the execution of criminals, providing that all such executions take place outside the public eye.  Ultimately tabled and effectively killed in a series of procedural motions, the debate over the unlikely bill allowed Bellaron and others to openly criticize their view of Foiritan's "self-serving populism."