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Seppuku Warriors Brings Advanced Combat Training to Capsuleers

2009-01-29 - By Svarthol

STACMON - Seppuku Warriors corporation have recently announced their first advanced combat training course. The all-star instructor line-up aims to teach capsuleers "how to blow stuff up". Sabre A, CEO and former Eve University Mentor, founded Seppuku to offer "hands on" combat training.

Pilots will be flying under "Not Blue Shoot It" (NBSI) rules of engagement, attacking any available target. The corporation itself has been based in Stacmon so they "can offer access to 0.0, several low sec routes and ... eventually empire".

The focus of the classes will be on small-gang warfare, with trainees being taught by such notables as SirMolle (Band of Brothers), Rooman (Southern Cross), and Koth Fluf (Morsus Mihi). The students will also gain valuable experience in starbase warfare whenever possible.

Applicants will be required to be highly combat focused and self-sufficient, as training will take from one to four months, and losses will not be replaced. Trainees will be allowed to attend either freshman or senior classes depending on the number of skill points they have, and tuition fees will range from 20 to 50 million isk per month.

Zialot, a capsuleer from Noob Fight Club Corporation, expressed his interest in joining the new training course: "that would be wonderful, I would like to learn more about gang warfare tactics." He also went on to say that given the opportunity to take up the training, he would spend as much time as possible with the top flight tutors.

Sabre A is confident that bringing together experienced fleet commanders from opposite factions will "highly improve training realism". All Seppuku's instructors "have agreed to check their politics at the door... pass on knowledge, have fun", ultimately teaching the students that even though they will find themselves on opposite ends on battles they "can still respect each other".

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