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Shakor Returns to Republic

2008-06-18 - By Svarthol

Pator - Today saw the return of former Parliament Head Maleatu Shakor back to the halls of Minmatar government. Arriving at the head of a large naval force, the noted political figure was joined at the Pator border by a detachment of Republic Fleet warships which escorted him and his ships to Matar.

After being greeted by the tribal heads and a visibly elated Karin Midular at the capitol, Shakor announced that "the force accompanying me saved many of our people in the recent hard-fought liberation." He went on to add that "with the blessing of the chiefs of this Republic, we will now seek to integrate these brave warriors with the Republic Fleet, bolstering its strength as guardians of our nation."

When asked about the reason for his return, Shakor stated simply "because I was called."