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Shakor to be named Sanmatar

2008-09-10 - By Svarthol

Pator - Maleatu Shakor has been awarded the newly resurrected title of "Sanmatar", the Minmatar Republic government announced today.

The title is used by some Ammatar on their lands, where it means "true home". Another meaning is "true Matar", an honoured position of the Minmatar Empire, the government's release says.

The Sanmatar was the de-facto head of state, acting as a mediator for the Council of Tribes. This position brings a costly honour for its bearer, who must renounce all ties to their former tribe in order to maintain objectivity, an act usually considered a harsh criminal punishment.

The ceremony is due to take place tomorrow, where Maeletu Shakor is expected to address the nation after a period of relative silence from the government.