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Shintaht Becomes Capital System

2009-08-20 - By Svarthol

Shintaht, Providence - Following completion of an outpost orbiting the famed planet Konrakas, Rosa Alba, a corporation within the Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] announced Shintaht will be made into a capital system.

Felton Fundenberger, CEO of Rosa Alba, said that it was something that they had always aimed for. He stated:

"Recognition of the Empire is something we have always wanted and been fighting for. We want it by our actions against enemies of the empire. ISK is not the means to Empire here. Our actions are. The Empress will see us when she sees we are fit for it."

He also mentioned his nervousness as to how the Empress will see the future plans of CVA.

"We are little unsure about how Amarr Empire and Caldari State will react... We are eagerly awaiting communications from them."

With much work still needing to be done. CVA deployed their outpost in Shintaht on 5.7.111. All that remained was to move their ships, industrial equipment and control towers into the system. Having already secured the majority of the moons, the paperwork for capital status was cleared on August 5th, and the final date for the system's ascendance to capital status was set. However, it was decided that no grand celebrations would take place as the fleet responsible was tasked elsewhere according to Felton Fundenberger of CVA.

With all tasks completed, Felton Fundenberger offered his loyalty to the Empress by declaring that Shintaht will be a capital system "in honour of Empress Jamyl."

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