Ship-troduction: The Gallente Talos | EVE Online

Ship-troduction: The Gallente Talos

2011-10-27 - By CCP Guard

As we speak, our artists (don‘t worry, I don‘t actually get to draw ships) and game designers are working on the Talos, making sure it‘s ready for the abuse you guys are planning to put it through following our upcoming winter expansion.

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Many of you will recognize the ship model as the Seraphim from the „EVE Online: Create a starship contest“ on Deviant Art. So yes, we have another player creation entering the game this winter! Its designer, Michael Schierup, did a magnificent job on the visuals and we felt that the name „Talos“ would be even better suited for such a beautiful ship. In greek mythology Talos was a bronze giant who guarded the island of Crete and, just like our Talos, he wasn‘t particularly friendly to uninvited ships crowding his turf.

Like its Minmatar counterpart, the Tornado,  the Talos battlecruiser will be capable of fitting weapons normally reserved for larger vessels, worrying less about self defense capabilities.

The Talos excels as an “in your face glass cannon”. It will be a particularly dangerous blaster boat, especially with the hybrid rebalancing kicking in at the time of its birth.  Think of it as a smaller, more expendable Vindicator, if you will. 

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In certain situations it will be the best ship you’ve flown. In others, the last ship you’ll fly before you have to buy a new one. In the hands of a talented Gallente pilot with a knack for picking the right fights at the right moments, the Talos should ensure violent festivities during the holiday season.


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