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Singularity fleet battle test - We need your help!

2008-11-19 - By Svarthol

Recently you may have experienced some issues with client latency and response times, particularly in fleet fights. As we take this issue very seriously our engineering team has been in high-gear working on fixing the problem and we think we are close, but we need your help.

We have a few potential changes that we think will fix the problem, but we want to put these changes through a few proper fleet fights to see which one works best. To that end we will be running a series of fleet fights on our main test server, Singularity. These tests are already under way, but the more people who show up, the better. We need at least 50 pilots, preferably 200+.

Test schedule (this week):

  • Wednesday - 11:00 GMT
  • Wednesday - 15:00 GMT
  • Thursday - 11:00 GMT
  • Thursday - 15:00 GMT (Pending results of other tests)

If you want to help us by joining, please do the following:

  1. Make a copy of the current Tranquility (TQ) client.
  2. Visit the Singularity patch page.
  3. Patch the copied client to the Singularity build.
  4. Login to the singularity test server.
  5. Join the in-game channel "TanisFleet".
  6. Fit yourself with a battleship, close range setup with drones and use weapon grouping.
  7. Listen for instructions and ask questions in-channel. 

Please check this forum thread for updates and discussions regarding the testing.