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Singularity test to locate desync issues part IV

2007-11-22 - By Svarthol

I figured I'd leave the whole we need your help part out of the topic, we've been asking for it in every other news item on this so we will of course need it again, but I just couldn't come up with a good variation of "we need your help" this time. The test we did this Tuesday with fleet warfare went very well, and gave us a lot of data to work with and we want more! Now that the new graphics engine is up on Singularity we would like to have an even bigger fleet fight.

This Friday, 23 November, at 11:00 GMT, we will gather in FD-MLJ on Singularity for battle, and we ask as many of you to come as possible to test fleet warfare. We will use the in-game channel "Fleet Assault" and if you’re willing to participate in this endeavor you can download the latest Singularity client here. Before you log in, please make sure you have logserver from your EVE directory running and add the following line to your prefs.ini file in the cache folder for your Singularity client:


This is a temporary setting that we are using to help us find the error.

With the last tests we have made a lot of progress with finding the causes of the desync issues. We're very grateful for everyone who helped us test and we hope we get as many to help with the test on Friday. Discussion of this news item may be found in this forum thread.