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Sisters of EVE Announce Transportation Charity Initiative

2009-09-08 - By Svarthol

Rens - Acting on reports of thousands of emancipated slaves still stranded within the Amarr Empire, the Servant Sisters of EVE have announced their intention to provide a transportation service to the Minmatar Republic's immigration centres which will be free of charge to all formerly enslaved citizens. The service, similar to that run by InterBus, will operate from Rens and run on an as-needed basis to any system within the Empire.

‘We recognize that not all of the released slaves can afford the costs of a shuttle flight; many may not even know how to go about arranging one,' Sister Nivine Kirolyen said in a statement issued yesterday. ‘We ask not only for assistance and cooperation in locating groups of former slaves who may not be able to leave the Empire, but for charitable donations which will help make this transport initiative possible.'

The Sisters of EVE are a neutral aid organization providing humanitarian relief around the cluster.