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Sisters of Eve Condemn Execution of Eturrer

2009-01-05 - By Svarthol

X-70MU -- The Sisters of Eve released a statement today condemning the manner in which the Gallente Federation executed Admiral Anvent Eturrer, calling it "barbaric and inhumane," and advising the President and Senate to ban any further uses of this particular method of execution.

The statement alleges that "this reprehensible display plays to the basest instincts in humanity -- the lust for blood -- at a time when such passions will likely only fuel more bloodshed of the kind we have seen over the last several months." It continued on, saying that "the President and the Senate should immediately ban any further use in order to show their commitment to basic human rights."

The Federation government has given no official response to the Sisters of Eve statement, but many Gallente citizens defended Eturrer's death by immolation on the streets of Gallente Prime today. "Nobody knows how many people died because of that bastard," said a Gallente youth at a pro-war rally today, celebrating the execution. "There's a special place in hell for that kind of traitor, and any kind of execution was too good for the likes of him." His sentiments were echoed by many in the thousands-strong crowd.

Others, however, have expressed worry over the President's direction. "My great-grandfather served against the Caldari in the war," said shopkeeper Irine Patrone, who was watching the rally from her door. "He said there were times when he was so angry after Nouvelle Rouvenor he was frightened by himself. I had the same feeling when I saw the execution."