Skillpoint gift due to the downtime on June 2nd and 3rd | EVE Online

Skillpoint gift due to the downtime on June 2nd and 3rd

2013-06-04 - By CCP Guard

Last weekend EVE experienced its longest downtime in quite a while and as a result CCP has decided to give everyone 50.000 unallocated skill points. The cause of the downtime was a malicious attack on our servers but nevertheless we want to make sure that all our players walk away with uninterrepted skill training plans. The skill points will be issued only to players with fully active EVE Online accounts. Players who are on a trial account have been gifted an extra 7 days to their trial time.

You can read more about the incident in this statement by our Chief Operating Officer, CCP Spielmann. A friendly reminder if you hear of someone doing or planning something bad, even if it’s your friend, we do have the PLEX for snitches program.

The skill points were distributed during today's deployment of EVE Online: Odyssey and all active accounts were eligible, barring trial accounts.

This is the second time in the last two weeks that we've resorted to giving out 50.000 skill points due to technical issues so as a result some players may find they have 100.000 unallocated skill points in their skill point pool. Spend them wisely and make sure to check out this recent devblog if you are going to put them into ship skills.

Here’s a quick guide on how to apply these skillpoints to a skill of your choice.

Enjoy Odyssey!