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Skillpoint gift due to extended downtime on July 15th

2015-07-17 - By CCP Falcon

As many of our players will know, we encountered issues during daily downtime on Wednesday, July 15th that resulted in Tranquility's failure to start once downtime was over.

While our Operations Team and our Software Engineers are constantly looking at ways to reduce downtime and keep Tranquility up and running as reliably as possible, now and again, given the sheer complexity of the hardware and software required to keep the EVE Universe firing on all cylinders, there are days when things can go wrong

July 15th was one of those days, and after an 11 hour 41 minute downtime, Tranquility was brought back online with the assistance of liberal application of pizza to our devs. Now that the issues that caused the downtime have been identified, we are working towards making sure that there is no reoccurence, and given that some of you have asked for further information on what went wrong and what steps we take during this kind of scenario, we will be preparing a blog that gives a little more information. We hope to have it with you at some point next week, once the investigation is concluded.

With all this in mind, while Tranquility has experienced an incredibly fortuitous period of solid uptime since mid 2011 (barring DDoS attacks), we feel that we'd like to give a little back to the community for your understanding, patience, and good humor during what was a very tough and challenging evening for our Operations Team and our Engineers.

As such, during downtime on Tuesday July 21st, we will be issuing every character who had an active training queue as of downtime on July 15th with 50,000 free skillpoints.

Here's a quick guide on how to apply these skillpoints, just be sure to spend them wisely!

Once again, thanks for your understanding, and we hope that you will continue to enjoy New Eden's wonderful cycle of creation and destruction!