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Slave rescue corps first responders

2010-03-25 - By Svarthol

Pashanai - Following the massive explosion that tore through the Ministry of War station, dozens of first response teams have been deployed to search for survivors. These teams, each numbering nine slaves strong and commanded by an Amarrian overseer, are typical rescue corps employed by the Empire during times of possible danger.

"The rescue teams shall enter through several points," explained Captain Jamar Dinn, the Ministry official commanding the effort. "Most will enter through hull breaches and continue from there, while others will begin from docking points and move toward the most damaged areas."

On the use of slave labor, Captain Dinn said, "These teams are used to working orderly and efficiently even under extreme stress. In addition, individual members are employed under a special merit system whereby their performance and rescue numbers directly influence the personal liberties of themselves and their families. As such, they are ideal for these circumstances, as they are unlikely to be discouraged by any amount of death and destruction. Their efforts allow the Navy and other vital forces to remain on high alert for the duration of the rescue."

Officials anticipate that once the areas have been swept by the slave teams and the risk of futher detonations or structural collapses has been mitigated, Naval teams shall move in as a compliment.