'So what did happen to the tritanium price?' | EVE Online

'So what did happen to the tritanium price?'

2009-11-09 - By CCP Dr.EyjoG

The 3rd Quarterly Economic Newsletter for EVE Online is now available.  This issue has the standard economic indicator of population, ships flown in space, price level reports and market snapshots.  The specific topic this time around is the latest news on "Unholy Rage," the Anti-RMT operation that has been ongoing for several months now. 

The EVE economy is doing well with constant growth throughout 2009.  As we see in this issue, the biggest changes to the economy have come either from operations against Real Money Traders in EVE or due to game design changes.  When large external events like these happen they of course impact relative prices within EVE but the robustness of the market quickly allows prices to reflect these changes or shocks to the market.  This might be a good lesson regarding our real life economies, showing that if we allow markets to adjust without intervention from governments they correct much quicker than when we try to steer prices to the "correct" level - given that the rules of the market are clear and that information flows relatively freely between agents on the market.

There are a lot of people that contribute to the QEN.  The research and statistics team does most of the data mining and data analysis.  The graphics team does the entire layout and provides us with the beautiful EVE pictures that are included in this volume.  In addition, we get input from different units for our special session, this time around from the Law and Order unit within customer support. That unit has been in the trenches during operation Unholy Rage, fighting off the Real Money Traders.

Please enjoy this QEN and looking forward to the following discussion.