Soldiers of Fortune - Gods of the Battlefield | EVE Online

Soldiers of Fortune - Gods of the Battlefield

2021-11-16 - By EVE Online Team

The fourth, and final, video highlighting the core career paths of EVE Online is now available for you to enjoy!

Titled Soldiers of Fortune - Gods of the Battlefield, this new video charts the intense experiences awaiting Capsuleers who choose to take the fight to other players for profit and power.

From small-scale skirmishes to the grandest alliance showdowns, these pilots work together to tip the odds of battle in their favor, and obliterate their opponents.

As with the previous three career path highlights, Soldiers of Fortune has been produced in collaboration with real players, discussing their real experience of finding their passion and purpose in EVE.

It’s been an inspiring experience to work with the community on this series of videos, learning how they play, and what drives them to achieve their goals.

Let’s take a look back at some of the other stories that have already been shared.

Industrialists Shape Eve

War means losses, and losses mean profit for the industrialists of New Eden. These production-focused pilots are dedicated to ensuring that the necessary machinery of war is always available to Capsuleers in conflict.

Enforcers Face The Danger

Enforcers serve the NPC agents of New Eden, all of whom are eager to engage the services of pilots in exchange for generous rewards. Lucrative missions, pirate operations, and profitable pockets of hidden space await Capsuleers ready to deliver justice - for the highest bidder, of course…

The Wonders Of Exploration

New Eden’s explorers are forever scanning new horizons, probing unknown areas of space, and uncovering the lost secrets of an ancient era. The exploration path allows pilots to capture the essence of science fiction wonder and discovery in EVE Online.

Choosing Your Path

These career paths provide only a taste of life in New Eden. Many pilots find their passion sparked by just one of these roles, while others choose to combine them as they chart their own journey through EVE Online. The path ahead is yours to decide!

To help you on this journey, a newly-revamped EVE Academy launches today as well! This expanded and updated resource will provide an even richer source of support for Capsuleers taking their very first steps amongst the stars.

After that? You’ll find a community of players in EVE who are always keen to take new pilots under their wings. Who knows, one day you yourself may usher in the next generation of pilots, as they find their own path in New Eden.