South Asia earthquake and tsunami disaster relief effort | EVE Online

South Asia earthquake and tsunami disaster relief effort

2004-12-30 - By CCP Hellmar

We here at CCP are stricken by the loss of lives resulting from the South Asia earthquake and tsunamis on December 26.

Therefore we are contemplating the idea of offering EVE players a way through the account management pages to make donations directly to the Icelandic Red Cross.

We realize that there already exist many ways to donate and many have probably donated already. Regardless of that we thought this to be a good idea to offer this method to show the sentiments of the EVE community as a whole.

We have been developing a medal system in the game which allows a character to gain medals for actions in the game. We are thinking of using the opportunity to attach a little medal to each character that donates (you would select one of your characters when you donate). The medal would be a temporary thing and would only be displayed through out January 2005. Each character can only receive one medal, of identical type to everyone else's, irrespective of the amount donated.

Minimum donation would be $5 but we would allow freeform donations also. The total number of donations and total amount would be displayed. Unfortunately you would only be able to donate with a credit card, PayByCash and ETC could not be used.

As we would be doing this on behalf of the EVE community, and the medals blur the boundaries of reality and gameplay, we would be very interested to hear your take on this idea.