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State Protectorate Liberates Another Star System

2009-01-13 - By Svarthol

Muetralle - 12th January 111

At 23:48 this evening the Muetralle system was liberated from Gallente control by a fleet of approximately 22 Caldari Militia pilots.

The system become contested earlier in the day and a plan was formulated to ensure it's liberation at the earliest convenience of the Caldari FCs.

Buzzkill1234, a Brigadier General in the State Protectorate led the fleet that brought the system back under State protection had this to say, "I am proud that all the long hours are paying off as we start to recapture all our lost territory and look forward to us being number one again, I am hoping that people will return to the militia once they see that we are back on top."

The capsuleers under his command had this to say about him "...he is a good FC", "yeah he is", "This is not an optimal victory but it is a demonstration...of the might of the Caldari Militia...towards his cause.".

The Caldari Militia was boosted by this news and are looking forward to removing the Gallente from the rest of the contested systems at the earliest possible opportunity.