Statement regarding recent allegations of staff misconduct | EVE Online

Statement regarding recent allegations of staff misconduct

2007-03-02 - By CCP Arkanon

Hello everyone.

This statement concerns the latest allegations published on forums of a hacker who has recently targeted CCP staff, boasting all the while that he’s doing EVE some sort of civil service by disrupting the lives of people that have done nothing wrong, not to CCP or him. I believe this latest attempt is his lowest and most pointless yet, serving only to cause needless grief to those involved and to earn him ‘celebrity’ status in internet circles, imagined or otherwise.

The player known as ‘The Enslaver’ is indeed a GM and has been employed as an intern by CCP since January 3rd this year. Upon his arrival, he voluntarily retired from his position of authority within the alliance he had helped run as a player and went as far as to offer to give the character up completely, if that was required. His involvement ingame has been minimal since his arrival and he has almost completely withdrawn from his alliance duties.

He has also shown himself to be an excellent GM, fully committed to his job and with a thorough knowledge of the game, garnered from his vast experience as a player. We are lucky to have secured his services and judging by the quality of his work so far, he is here to stay.

‘The Enslaver’ is currently one of the highest skilled characters in EVE and one of a handful that can pilot a Titan. It’s truly a shame that this ingame legacy is now tainted by an unprovoked attack on the integrity of the man behind the avatar, to say nothing of the way it was carried out.

It’s also a shame to witness the brutal and remorseless personal attacks being carried out on CCP staff members by a select few individuals, these last few weeks. Let’s step back for a moment and ask ourselves if we want to become involved in the sordid practice of internet stalking that this campaign has become. Let history judge us from our actions, CCP as well as its accusers.

All the best,